Wild Atlantic Way: A Haiku

Atlantic winds
through soft feathers –
The sound of waves


After the exhibition: a senryu

Dampened excitement
The sadness of empty walls
Where next?

This how I am feeling right at this moment… a little flat and a little lost after the amazing experience that was my first photography exhibition.

I do have plans and new projects, but I am still a little at a loss to know what to do with my photos next. I am determined not to let this fade back to nothing but don’t really know where to start…

Photography exhibition glamorous opening event!

Well… fairly glamorous…

Well…there was Prosecco and I wore a top hat…

Whatever it was it was awesome!

I invited friends because this sort of event is better with people you like, and to be honest I really wanted to show it to them because they are my friends and i am proud of it! Even the lovely Lucy from PorterGirl came from Cambridge which was amazing!

I (optimistically I thought) ordered prosecco, orange juice and nibbles for 30 people…and invited lots of my friends 🙂


It turned out that this was just about the right amount of refreshments 🙂

There were of course people who were otherwise engaged on that day but I was genuinely quite overwhelmed by the amount of people who showed up to support me 🙂

I had people travel from far and wide (Cambridge and Kent and Reading) to see it I had people get back early from being away for the weekend to see it…it was amazing!! I had so many lovely people that I am assuming it wasn’t all just for the free Prosecco 🙂

My favourite comment so far is a friend of mine who said:

“I never thought I would like a picture of rusty railings so much”

This, is exactly the point of the exhibition 😀