August photo challenge day 17

Today’s theme was dragons (well…a dragon)


Photography exhibition glamorous opening event!

Well… fairly glamorous…

Well…there was Prosecco and I wore a top hat…

Whatever it was it was awesome!

I invited friends because this sort of event is better with people you like, and to be honest I really wanted to show it to them because they are my friends and i am proud of it! Even the lovely Lucy from PorterGirl came from Cambridge which was amazing!

I (optimistically I thought) ordered prosecco, orange juice and nibbles for 30 people…and invited lots of my friends 🙂


It turned out that this was just about the right amount of refreshments 🙂

There were of course people who were otherwise engaged on that day but I was genuinely quite overwhelmed by the amount of people who showed up to support me 🙂

I had people travel from far and wide (Cambridge and Kent and Reading) to see it I had people get back early from being away for the weekend to see it…it was amazing!! I had so many lovely people that I am assuming it wasn’t all just for the free Prosecco 🙂

My favourite comment so far is a friend of mine who said:

“I never thought I would like a picture of rusty railings so much”

This, is exactly the point of the exhibition 😀


Debut photography exhibition is go!!

A little while ago I told you that I had landed myself a space to have a photography exhibition in and that I was rushing about trying to get things organised!

Well, I can now, officially, say I am an exhibited artist. Or more accurately and exhibited photographer.

All the months of planning and uncertainty about planning and desperately emailing/texting people in a panic about planning, has definitely paid off!!

On the morning of Monday 6th August 2018 I (well we as none of this would have happened without my husband!!) turned up at the Capitol

With 39 framed photos all wrapped up snugly in bubble wrap, a set of layout plans made on cut to scale scale pieces of paper with mini photos attached and a whole lot of sundry items such as tape measures and such…

The first mildly annoying thing was when we discovered that the entire picture hanging system for the gallery had been taken down by the previous exhibitors and dumped in a box all willy nilly. This meant that the first 3 hours was spent sorting wires, counting wires, discovering a lot of broken wires and fixing wires. Not to mention unwrapping photos and hanging wires back up on the wall ready to attach photos…

This took considerably longer than we anticipated, even taking into account that one of us had a broken leg…

I’d love to say that the rest of the hanging process was super quick, but it wasn’t. It involved a good deal of work and an amount of rearranging of groups of photos due to unexpected quirks of the hanging system. Luckily we had an adaptable plan. I hate to think how long this would have taken if we had been disorganised!

Luckily for me I have a husband who can fix shredded twisted wire thingies and is a perfectionist when it comes to getting things hung straight and well spaced!! Conveniently he also had two working legs and could get up a step ladder!! thanks to a considerable amount of team work, a mere 9 hours after we first arrived, I had a photography exhibition! I was extremely exited, tired and somewhat in shock about the whole thing 😀


August photo challenge day 6

It’s exhibition day!! 😁😁 I will write a proper blog post about my exhibition very soon I promise! Today I have spent a lot of time putting pictures up on walls… well my husband did the actual putting as I have a broken ankle and can’t do ladders…

anyway… I have been sorting stuff out in the gallery all day so today’s theme is meta-photography