So this is the inside cover of my journal and the first page.
I am increasing the strength of the pages and enhancing the background effect by first sticking two pages together then sticking a patchwork of newspaper and scraps to each page, this I then cover with a watered down mixture of white acrylic paint and colourless shimmery acrylic paint. A couple of coats makes the pages suitable for use but the newspaper and scraps still show through, I think this gives an interesting effect, especially if you choose interesting newspaper with different types of writing on.

The inside cover I covered with brown paper which I painted over in the same way.

As well as my contact details (just in case) I have started a collection of words on the inside front cover that represent what the journal is to me. SUch as memory, inspiration, decoration, etc. This is still a work in progress as it doesn’t look quite how I would like it, yet!

The first page contains a very important memory, it is the last handwritten card I ever got from my mum. it was sent to me in November 2009 for my new job, it was 1 month before she was diagnosed with a brain tumour and 4 months before she died. It is inspiring for more reasons than just the words on the, it is a sentiment that my mum believed and it inspires me to do the best I can because I know she believed in me! It is something I have been desperate not to lose for 3 years now and I thought this was a good place to keep it. I have stuck and sewn it in and stitched around the edge of the page as well as writing and drawing.

It will serve as inspiration every time I open the book.


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