Page two
this page was inspired by a trip my mum and I took to a Hiroshige exhibition when I was a lowly engineering student. It made me think about all the art trips and creativeness that my mum exposed me too as a child and an adult and about how I wouldn’t be as creative or as diverse in my interests if it wasn’t for her.
So, the swirls on the page are (very loosely) based on the Hiroshige waves paintings and the words comprise a dedication to my mum.

Page three
This page is inspired by and designed to record the birthday of Jen Challinor. We went on an expedition to a Vietnamese restaurant in Croydon, which its self was inspired by the trip Jen and Ross took to Vietnam for their recent honeymoon.
I am aiming to collect something from every event I want to record to add into this book, here I found the chopstick wrappers to be the only thing I could sensibly a) put in my bag and b) stick in the book! I did also manage to pick up a (hopefully) free paper written in what is in all honestly probably chinese. I confess I do not know the language it is written in, and of course I do not know what the pieces I have stuck in means. It does, however, represent the area and complex of restaurants and shops where the restaurant was located. It therefore helps capture the feel and atmosphere of the evening. It was, by the way, an excellent evening with good food and company 🙂

THe rest of the paper is now forming part of the page augmentation fo the rest of the journal as part of an attempt to incorporate all of my experiences into the book in a variety of ways.


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