This was the (first) page I made inspired on the wedding of Claire and Spendley (paul) their theme was peacocks and the excuse for me to get re-aquaitned with peacock feathers was a lot of inspiration on its own, the other inspiration, of course was the wedding its self! It was the second wedding I have been to this year where the bride and groom have made and designed everything themselves (I will explain the other one in an other post) but this one was very personal to them and very emotional for a number of reasons. These emotions will remain with me when I look at these pages.

Edit Feb 2017: It turns out I was wrong…most of the emotions associated with these pages have gone. I barely remember them. And now a whole lot of new emotions have come up to replace them. Emotions such as anger and sadness. I may need to destroy these pages later. Which is a shame… so I might just keep them as a testimony to my new emotions and as a reminder of how it can go.


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