Experiments in image transfer

Recently i Have been investigating transferring photos onto fabric using acrylic gel medium, it is an interesting process that i need to work on a little before i have it perfected.

I have discovered that hessian is trickier as the very course has a tendency cause the picture to rub off when removing the paper backing. Calico is more successful and more layers of medium work better. It is also important to let the acrylic dry completely before removing the paper.

ok… here is the bit where i get a tiny bit pretentious…but i love the london eye photo and the railings photo because i love the juxtaposition of the geometric modern subjects onto the textured natural looking fabric.

so here are the results…
PA Rachel




THe next step is to incorporate these transfers into larger pieces, i just need to decide exactly what i want to do. I am also going to do some experimentation with image transfer into other mediums, gesso, acrylic paint etc.

7 thoughts on “Experiments in image transfer

  1. Two thoughts: Cyanotype sensitizer can be painted onto all sorts of surfaces, including fabrics, and you can inkjet print a digital negative if film isn’t big enough (you may already be doing this!)..
    Also, I think I still have some packs of linen coated with enlarging paper emulsion that Tim Rudman was throwing out – can’t see me ever getting round to using them. You’re welcome to them if they’re of interest for experimentation.

  2. That would be excellent! Cyanotype is on my list of things to try but I keep not getting round to it. The linen sounds fantastic 🙂
    The acrylic transfer is interesting for incorporating into other things I think but I need to refine the process.

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