Is it true that to be an artist it is enough to say “i am an artist”?

I mean obviously you have to do some art too but how much and how good does it have to be to call yourself an artist?


This is a photo of a photo i took some time ago, but i have recently been playing with transfer printing images onto fabric using acrylic gel medium. i am in the process of incorporating these pictures in to other works that involve other fabric and paper and collage…

I am just about comfortable enough to call myself a photographer…but I have no background in art apart from an appreciation of it given to me by my mum. I have no training, no ability when it comes to drawing stuff that is supposed to look like something and no idea what i am doing.

I can create things…this much i am sure of, i have created things and made things all my life, but is this enough? as an engineer and scientist i find myself annoyingly pretentious if i say that i am an artist… especially if i add the words mixed media into the mix.

To say that i am an artist, in my eyes elevates me above the stage i am at…but someone once said that in order to become something you have to become it…or words to that effect,

in other words, don’t just try to be something, be it…

but is calling myself an artist, and doing artistic things enough? 

How do i know if i am good enough?

Sorry if that seemed a little self indulgent…It was just something i was thinking about…any opinions out there would be welcome…


4 thoughts on “is it enough?

  1. Do you feel like an artist? Is taking photographs the heart and soul of who you are? Do you thoroughly enjoy what you do?

    If you answered yes to all of these then you are an artist. Be proud of it. I know you’ll always second guess your talents, there will always be somebody out there who is better then you. It is hard to be artist. I also believe to be a successful engineer or scientist you have to have an artistic streak in you. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to think outside the box.

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  2. Thank you for your comments 🙂
    Those things are all true, photography, art and creativity is such a big part of who I am I sometimes can’t see it.
    It is what I am and what I do, it is just not how I make a living but it does influence how I do my job.

  3. I think if you question “Am I am artist?” then you are. Art can be as much in the mind as on paper. If the concept is in your head then that’s all that really matters. Externalising onto a medium is secondary. But important I grant. (Now who’s being self indulgent?!)

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