Apocalypse —
On the riverbank
otters play


Limited edition…

Roses and chocolates
the startling red of
commercial infatuation
Limited edition love
available for

Just for the record, I am not cynical about love its self, just the commercial aspects of valentines day…

Not one of the cool kids

On the outside looking in
or forgotten?
Proffered hands of friendship
evaporate like smoke.
Always an afterthought.
Not one of the cool kids.

I don’t feel this a lot any more, but it was something I was thinking about yesterday. I felt like this a lot as a teenager, and it returns when my anxiety is at its worst.



Out of nowhere

Burning rage

Fuelled by stupidity

Undirected anger

burns me away

Rage against the world

Rage against the people




Some poems from Wednesday when apparently I wasn’t in the best of moods. I don’t know that they are my best work but they represented that moment perfectly so I thought I’d share them.

Writing a poem every day in February…

One of the challenges I have set myself for February is to write at least one poem every day.  I really want to get better at writing them. I have been reading and learning quite a lot recently about the genre, especially Haiku and Senryu but I am not going to limit myself to those.

I am not promising I will upload one every day because, sometimes no matter how hard we try, they just don’t work! What I am attempting to do is make room in my schedule to write poems.  Up until now  I have been writing them when inspiration hits but have been unable to craft them at will. I want to learn more about the craft and the art of poetry.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes 😀

Here are some photos of my scribbles…they are not tremendously organised… or dated…but I promise they are all from February…