Six word story (#6wsp)

six word storySo, in the course of looking around at other people’s blogs I discovered the six word stories written by EDC Writing, after a little bit more digging (or clicking on links…) I discovered that these are in response to a weekly prompt published every Saturday by Shweta at The Soul Searcher Site. So, true to form I thought I’d give it a go. Its harder than you might think and I suspect it will be a while before I match up to the more established six word story writers!

This week’s prompt is “Uncertainty” so here are my attempts:

Sirens close in; do they know?

Do you exist when I sleep?

Where is that electron, in principle?

Where did you sleep last night?



7 thoughts on “Six word story (#6wsp)

  1. Thank you for the mention and link to my blog – I really like your six words responses to Shweta’s
    ‘uncertain’ prompt – and as a scientist I especially like the third one of the three. As for me I’m ‘quite uncertain as to my line’. I’ve been posting six word lines and stories for a couple of years now, about 150 to date. Best regards. Eric.

    1. You were absolutely right, this had hidden its self in spam, I should look there more often…
      I am so pleased you like the responses, and I like the third one best 😀
      The uncertainty principle was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt.

  2. Welcome to 6WSP. I’m sorry that it took me ages to respond to your take. As far as first attempts go, those are some great ones. I am sure that with more practice, you will become quite accomplished at six word stories. I’m so glad that you discovered my Saturday Six Word Prompt Challenge. 🙂

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