The obsession continues

Almost a year on from my purchase of a Polaroid 600 camera, I am still obsessed with these instant photos. My Polaroid camera collection has grown a little bit too, I nnow have 3 600s and an i-type one step camera. The first 600 I bought is still my favorite mind you.

This type of photography is tricky to get right and the results seem to vary according to temperature, amount of light, phase of the moon, colour of shoes and all manner of other factors as yet unidentified!

However, I am beginning to get the hang of what sort of conditions will lead to a good or at least passable polaroid photo!

As far as I can tell, it needs to be bright but not necessarily sunny, you need to be facing away from the sun, you need to leave the picture somewhere dark to develop and you probably shouldn’t jiggle it around too much.

That whole thing where you are supposed to shake polaroids, that is some sort of fiction.

You do need to keep them warm though, but not too warm, different temperatures seem to affect the colour of the pictures once they are developed…

After a year of (on and off) practice, I am finally starting to get more hits than misses. It is an interesting process, and it makes you think much harder about lighting and conditions than you do with digital cameras. It makes you realise how much the digital SLR and even the phone camera can compensate for.

I have also got a little more into the picture in picture type photos, but these rely on a lot of patience as the Polaroids aren’t fully developed for a good 10 – 15 minutes 😀

Now all I need is a project…

Any ideas, let me know 😀

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