Springtime: a haiku

Frozen ground
broken by new shoots–
Life returning


Darkness: A Haiku

Bridge of shadows–
What mysteries hide within the
inviting darkness

In an attempt to develop my poetry, I tried to write a Haiku based on one of my photos:

Haiku of the day: Hope

Patterns of clarity

traced through a clouded mind–

Rivulets of hope


Swimming through
encapsulated worlds with
dreams of freedom.
Isolated individuals
afraid to connect.
Afraid to fly
Afraid to fall
Afraid to risk it all.


Haiku: Isolation

In a crowded room
distant laughter

Haiku of the day

Lakeside solitude-

On a bench strangers rest

fleeting encounters

Haiku of the day

Skeleton trees–
Sound of birdsong in a
silent landscape

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