Embroidery the Royal School of Needlework way

Last summer a friend and I went on an embroidery course run by the Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court on the outskirts of London. It was an excellent day where I learned some stitches i didn’t know already and how to start and finish and generally embroider the Royal School of Needlework way! Don’t get me wrong…I will never be as good as the graduates of the School who often go on to work on royal wedding dresses and other such things but it was certainly interesting to get an insight into how they worked.
On the day I started a piece of embroidery that I got to take away to finish…and earlier this year I finished it…ok I know it should not have taken quite that long but i have a lot of things going on at the same time.

Here is the finished product…
photo (3)

Now I have to figure out the best way to mount and display it in my house 🙂

next project based on these new skills is to design my own piece of embroidery. I am thinking


embroidered versions of patterns like this…this will take some thinking about..


Daffodils Galore


This page is inspired by the Wedding of my very good friends Jen and Ross, the theme of the wedding was daffodils and the colour was yellow. It was as happy an occasion as the flower choice and colour scheme suggests. The bride and groom and various family members and friends not only hand-made virtually everything involved in the wedding from the place names to the decorations but they rebuilt the venue and wedding car. This shows a level of dedication that is over and above the standard, and indicates a level of commitment that is also evident in their relationship.

This wedding was the, best I have been to (barring my own) and the one I have had most involvement in the planning of (including my own, in some ways). I was maid (technically matron) of honour, a position that I was surprised and so pleased to fulfil. I also made the cake…something that is definitely a test of sanity! (well I say I made it…Jen had a lot of input too 🙂 it was a joint effort)