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Further adventures in lino printing

After my initial reasonably successful foray into the world of lino cutting and printing, I decided I wanted to try something more ambitious…

The only tiny disadvantage I could think of when it came to this was the fact that I can’t draw very well…I can do abstract, and I can do patterns and I can see pictures, I just can’t make my hand put them down the way I want…so I came up with an alternate plan…I decided to use my photos, process them until I can only see outlines then transfer them to lino 😀

These are the two I used for my first experimentation…

Transferring them to lino wasn’t as easy as I anticipated, I eventually settled on the “press really hard with biro then fill in the groove” method which I am sure is not a recognised one but it worked!

This is what the transfer / cutting process looks like.

And this is the outcome…

I learned a few things from this, firstly I need to work on not pressing quite as hard when i am cutting the lino, my lines come out a little bit think in quite a lot of places. Secondly I think that the photo of fewer beach huts works better, I think this is because it has greater tonal variation and interest in the photo. I was convinced it would be the other one repetition works very well as a photo…

It is good to try these things and learn for next time 😀



New adventures in lino Printing 

Good morning people of the world!

I can’t quite believe I have neglected my creative side again for so long!! I haven’t entirely neglected it to be fair, but it has taken a bit of a back seat to my exercise-y side…

(If you want more info about that go look here: http://www.midsummer365project/Wordpress.com)

Anyway…as you might have guessed from the title, this post is about lino cutting and printing. I have been dabbling in the printing / image transfer already in the form of acrylic media transfer . I can’t remember exactly how this led me down the route of lino cutting, but there was some combination of reading books on printmaking and image transfer and pinterest searching which lead me to ask for a lino cutting beginner set for my birthday. This gave me everything I needed to have a go 😀

These are the things I learned during my first foray into the art…

  • Getting the line to stay the same size, depth and direction is a lot harder than you first think!!
  • There are a lot of different cutters that have uses that are totally beyond my comprehension…but I have a book about it now so it should all resolve its self soon…
  • There are more different types of lino and fake lino than I had realised
  • straight lines are easier than curves

The most important thing I learned however is…

Lino cutting and printing is so much fun and I love it!! 

This is the outcome of my first foray… lots of room for improvement…but that is why we practice!

Practice piece to see what the cuts look like!

Super squiggly!

Peacocks and weddings


This was the (first) page I made inspired on the wedding of Claire and Spendley (paul) their theme was peacocks and the excuse for me to get re-aquaitned with peacock feathers was a lot of inspiration on its own, the other inspiration, of course was the wedding its self! It was the second wedding I have been to this year where the bride and groom have made and designed everything themselves (I will explain the other one in an other post) but this one was very personal to them and very emotional for a number of reasons. These emotions will remain with me when I look at these pages.

Edit Feb 2017: It turns out I was wrong…most of the emotions associated with these pages have gone. I barely remember them. And now a whole lot of new emotions have come up to replace them. Emotions such as anger and sadness. I may need to destroy these pages later. Which is a shame… so I might just keep them as a testimony to my new emotions and as a reminder of how it can go.

Page one


So this is the inside cover of my journal and the first page.
I am increasing the strength of the pages and enhancing the background effect by first sticking two pages together then sticking a patchwork of newspaper and scraps to each page, this I then cover with a watered down mixture of white acrylic paint and colourless shimmery acrylic paint. A couple of coats makes the pages suitable for use but the newspaper and scraps still show through, I think this gives an interesting effect, especially if you choose interesting newspaper with different types of writing on.

The inside cover I covered with brown paper which I painted over in the same way.

As well as my contact details (just in case) I have started a collection of words on the inside front cover that represent what the journal is to me. SUch as memory, inspiration, decoration, etc. This is still a work in progress as it doesn’t look quite how I would like it, yet!

The first page contains a very important memory, it is the last handwritten card I ever got from my mum. it was sent to me in November 2009 for my new job, it was 1 month before she was diagnosed with a brain tumour and 4 months before she died. It is inspiring for more reasons than just the words on the, it is a sentiment that my mum believed and it inspires me to do the best I can because I know she believed in me! It is something I have been desperate not to lose for 3 years now and I thought this was a good place to keep it. I have stuck and sewn it in and stitched around the edge of the page as well as writing and drawing.

It will serve as inspiration every time I open the book.

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