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Flashes of light inside my mind
UltravioletĀ spontaneous combustion

This one is a bit of fun and has stemmed from my writing a poem every day challenge. It is based on a phrase that came out of my paint chip poetry game šŸ™‚


Haiku of the day

Skeleton trees–
Sound of birdsong in a
silent landscape

Shattered Futures

Walking through a
landscape of shattered futures.
The broken worlds
reflected in a mirror of time
Shards of unreality
built from theĀ remnants of unlived potential

Haiku of the day: Trees

Skeleton trees.
Shadows lengthen on
frozen ground.

Haiku of the day: Ducks

Frost sparkles.
On the lake
ducks skate

Haiku of the day: British Winter

World Transformed.
Shrouded in a blanket
of cold grey slush.


Finding Freedom

Splintered reality.
Like shadows cast by
fractured sunlight on the
forest floor.
Dancing with the shade.
Finding freedom from the
twisted darkness in my mind.

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